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Poppy seed cake



55 g
almond slices
11 spoonfuls
ground poppy seeds
5 g 
baking powder (from potassium hydrogen tartrate)
150 g
250 g
mascarpone cheese
240 g
soft cheese
vanilla pod

juice from half a lemon
2 spoonfuls
poppy seed oil

jam for spreading the base



  1. Separate the egg whites and yolks ● Whip the egg whites ● Grind the almonds (no need for them to be finely ground) ● With the beater, whip the egg yolks until foamy, add 50g honey, poppy seeds, almonds, baking powder and mix until well combined ● Slowly pour the poppy seed mixture to the egg whites and combine thoroughly ● Put the dough into a cake tin lined with baking paper ● Preheat the oven to 180°C and bake for about 30 minutes (use a wooden skewer for testing) ● When out of the oven, leave it to cool 

  2. Put mascarpone cheese, Soft cheese, remaining honey, spoonful of poppy seed oil, juice extracted from half a lemon and vanilla pod beans in a bowl and mix properly using the flexi whisk until the ingredients are well combined into a cream 

  3. Slice the cake base (rid of the baking paper) along the centre in halves and put the upper part aside ● Sprinkle the lower part with poppy seed oil and brush with jam ● Spoon the cream carefully on top of the jam layer ● Place the upper part of the base gently onto the cream layer ● Sprinkle it with poppy seed oil, rub it into the base and slowly spoon the remaining cream on top ● Spread the upper part with a thin layer of jam and put nuts on top ● Finally, sprinkle the cake with poppy seeds ● Leave to rest overnight