Food processors belong to the bestsellers among kitchen appliances in the Czech Republic. The name Gratus became a synonym for powerful all-metal food processor. Thanks to all its attachments, it supplies functions of several appliances at once.

The food processor must be robust to be multifunctional and to make the preparation of even the most challenging meals easier. The metallic body in the shape of the letter C, hides a very strong motor (in the Gratus Kuliner up to 1500 W). No dough is a problem. The offer of accessories for the ETA food processors is continuously widening and innovating. Therefore, the food processors ETA are timeless professional helpers able to deal with all new gastronomic trends.

We believe in our products, that is why we offer to our Gratus food processors free extended warranty for another 8 years, which is over the legal 24 months warranty time. You can find out more about the warranty extension on our website.